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Connected Intelligence Suite (CIS)

A unified, enterprise system to integrate legacy and new machines, sensors and devices, for complete visibility of production floors, supply and distribution chains, and assets in the field.

CIS automates collecting data from sensors, control units, machines in the plants, field to provide actionable insights to address:

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency, Utilization

  • Real-time production visibility

  • Remote monitoring of machines, Predictive Maintenance

  • In process quality during manufacturing

  • Expand “services” business

CIS Solution benefits:

  • Reduce Maintenance efforts by 30 - 40 % (Identify, Prevent & Predict faults)

  • Improve operational efficiency by 20 - 30%

  • Create foundation for “services” business; newer revenue models

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Improve employee productivity ~ 20-35 %

A Focus Across Key Industrial Sectors

  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing

  • Automotive/Aerospace

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Oil and Gas

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