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Digileum is a digital business solutions and services provider.  We simplify digital solution design, deployment, and adoption to maximize business results for our clients. 

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Accelerating the Adoption of Industry 4.0 Applications in Manufacturing. 
Enabling Digital and IOT innovations for improved profitability and performance for key industry sectors.  
Providing power management and energy savings innovations for corporations and governments.  


What We Do
We help our clients with innovative solutions derived from the synthesis of Digital, IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies


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Embracing the Digital Era
Technology innovations, changing consumer demographics and trends, and an evolving business landscape, are driving a new era of digital business opportunities for innovators and early adopters.  
Capitalizing on digital business often requires a rethink of the business process and an ability to retool the organization with a digital foundation and operational model.  Digileum has a comprehensive set of skills, accelerators, and experiences to craft digital solutions for business innovation and benefit. 
Our digital  Xperts are cross-trained in relevant disciplines of both business and technology to provide guidance and expertise for the digital journey. Our innovative digital solutions span the realms of "Digital Strategy, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics, and IOT (Internet of Things)". 

We are a passionate team of experienced Digital Innovators, Cloud Experts, Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, and Mobility & UX specialists. We blend creativity and technology to provide the best possible outcomes to take your business forward.

We are uniquely capable and equipped  to co-create value and to accelerate innovation for our clients.



Industrial IoT

As a Digital system integrator, we help connect machines, data and people. We collect data from machines/sensors/control units and derive actionable insights that will helps our industrial clients to improve operational efficiency, optimize asset performance, drive preventive maintenance, and offer value added services to their clients. Our offering includes:

  • Implement IoT solutions for your plants or equipment’s in the field

  • Integrate with third party hardware, software

  • Maintain, Monitor and Manage the solution

We have proven experience in the leading commercial IoT frameworks. We also have established best in class partnerships with manufacturing and hi-tech specific IoT providers. We will work with you as a one stop shop to implement, and manage a best in class IoT solution that fits your specific needs.

Energy Management

We implement Green IT solutions that help your enterprise to reduce carbon foot print and save 25-40% of energy consumption. We do this via our energy IoT solution for your enterprise IT assets (laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and printers).

  • Powerful Energy Analytics for IT infrastructure

  • Real-time power consumption monitoring of IT infrastructure

  • Correlation of power with IT systems performance and discovery of optimization opportunities

  • Enable "Enterprise-wide" Power Management Schemes

  • Saves power without impacting User Experience or System Performance

  • Power Savings and CO2 Emissions measured and quantified

Cloud & Managed Services

Our Cloud solutions and services aims to a) Turbocharge Speed and Agility of your business, and b) Reduce your cost of IT. Our offering includes:

  • Cloud Strategy and Roadmap – customized for your business

  • Cloud first applications – Develop / Migrate applications to industy leading cloud platforms

  • Cloud Managed Services – Provide 24*7 SLA led managed services support for your cloud applications and/or infrastructure


A Global Auto Components Manufacturer

IoT enabled data, analytics solution to optimize OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), and enable prevent/predictive maintenance 



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